3 Big Networking Mistakes (That Lose You Money)

3 networking mistakes that lose you money (click to watch!)

Have you ever thought about networking and then thought “meh. NOPE.”

Or “maybe later?”

Or “ummm…..”


You aren’t alone!

But networking doesn’t have to be scary and that thing you avoid.

You already know why it’s so important (it gets you raises, better jobs, promotions, and even help finding your passion! Seriously!).

So why not make more money and enjoy your job more?

(Don’t cringe!)

The easy way to start is by avoiding these three mistakes (and doing the easy homework I give you, especially in Mistake #2).

Just click to watch – it’s short and painless! 🙂

To Make More Money, You Need To Know THIS Person

how to do a salary negotiation

Want to make more money?

Of course you do!

Even if you hate your current job with the fire of one thousand suns, there’s nothing wrong with being more well paid while you plan your next move.

And chances are, you deserve an increase anyway!

So here’s the good news: 75% of people who ask for a raise, get it according to



So it’s obviously time for you to ask.

(Not sure how? Read this blog over here ).

But I digress.

One of the big stumbling blocks of getting a raise is not in asking, but in knowing what

One Quick Way To Make More Money

how to get a raise

This month we are diving into some of the more technical career skills, like resumes, interviews, and of course MONEY.


I think we can all agree that making more money is never a bad thing, no matter where you are in your career.

So if you are hating your job, in a triage job, or just treading water for now – it’s okay to increase your pay check while you figure the rest out!

So let’s talk about how to make more money, shall we?

How to make more money: Part 1

Part one of making more money

One Key to Success That’s Ridiculously Easy

career success

Here’s a story that involves crest white strips and careers. I know! Stick with me :).

So, here I am doing some pre-wedding stuff like working out and using moisturizer.

As a part of that, I also decided to go the extra mile and get Crest Whitestrips.

So picture me, hanging out in my favorite easy chair, doing work like writing this blog, happily Crest Whitestripping away.

Three days in and I’m starting to have success!

Then, a friend of mine comes into town.

To prepare for her arrival, I of course clean my house.

Part of that house

The 4 WORST Career Mistakes

Big career mistakes that can hurt you

Careers are dicey things, aren’t they?

I mean, first off, they are your source of survival. So of course it’s stressful if you contemplate a change or think about stepping off the beaten path.

Then, for many of us, they are also a key foundation of our self-worth. It’s where we derive confidence, satisfaction, and a big chunk of fulfillment.

Or, it’s where we feel beaten down, mediocre, trapped, or just plan tapped out.

Long story short, it’s easy to overthink, be overanxious, or just do nothing (so as not to rock the boat).

But let’s talk about that

Struggling? Here’s How to Make Magic Happen In Your Career

struggling in your career? Here's how to make some magical progress

Have you ever felt 100% lost in your career?

Or just like you really REALLY need help?

I have *totally* been there.

And it’s absolutely no fun.

So how do you get out of that rut and into some long overdue clarity on your next career step (or just if you are going to even update your resume or not?).

Here’s how to make progress: Step 1 – Get some help

Not to be all “You need some help” but you NEED some help!

The first rule of career fight club is admitting that you can’t go it alone.

3 Unexpected Lessons From My Birthday

birthday lessons for your career

So, I unexpectedly turned officially older recently.

I say unexpectedly because in my mind, I’m always about 24.

(I know, feel free to laugh!).

IF you are going blind, AND the room is candle-lit, AND I’m at least 10 feet away from you…then maybe I could be 24? 🙂

Anyway, each year on my birthday I reflect back on what I’ve learned in the last year, and how I can take those lessons forward.

You can see last year’s post right here.

I share these thoughts and lessons to inspire you to make changes in your career, because I know

Feeling Miserable at Work? (You Could Be a Fish)

when you hate your job

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself feeling miserable at work?

Maybe it’s punch-in-the-gut miserable.

Or maybe it’s just a quiet, constant drain that leeches at your energy.

Either way, it’s no fun!

Feeling bad impacts your confidence, your motivation, and your overall sense of self-worth.


We were talking about confidence and feeling downtrodden at work on one of my recent Career Happiness Revolution Webinars, and I said this to one of my students: “Maybe this job just isn’t a fit, and that’s okay.”

She said it was a lightbulb moment for her.

Sometimes we are put

Struggling With Career Transition? Start Saying NO. (It’ll Help, Promise!).

struggling with career transition

I’ve been in a reflective mood recently.

My team and I have been welcoming a lot of awesome new folks into the Revolutionary Club and Career Happiness Community over the last few weeks.

Many of these people are just at the very beginning of the career transition journey.

And that journey is…well….a lot.

I remember when I was first starting out, thinking “How am I even going TO DO THIS???”


“Where the HECK DO I START??#$@@!!”

Often that was followed by falling semi-dramatically onto my couch while reaching for a bag of nachos.


We each have

The Unexpected Problem With Passion

passion problems

You sit at your desk, unhappy and tired.


You keep thinking to yourself: “I need to find something different. I need to find my passion.”


But then your brain skitters to a halt because you have NO IDEA where to begin.


It feels so overwhelming. So, you stop thinking about it.


And you are back to where you started…unhappy, tired, and totally stuck.


Any of this sound familiar?


I used to be in your shoes.


When I was trapped in my fancy-pants consulting job (I know, tiniest violin!), I keep wanting to


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