Struggling With Career Transition? Start Saying NO. (It’ll Help, Promise!).

struggling with career transition

I’ve been in a reflective mood recently.

My team and I have been welcoming a lot of awesome new folks into the Revolutionary Club and Career Happiness Community over the last few weeks.

Many of these people are just at the very beginning of the career transition journey.

And that journey is…well….a lot.

I remember when I was first starting out, thinking “How am I even going TO DO THIS???”


“Where the HECK DO I START??#$@@!!”

Often that was followed by falling semi-dramatically onto my couch while reaching for a bag of nachos.


We each have

The Unexpected Problem With Passion

passion problems

You sit at your desk, unhappy and tired.


You keep thinking to yourself: “I need to find something different. I need to find my passion.”


But then your brain skitters to a halt because you have NO IDEA where to begin.


It feels so overwhelming. So, you stop thinking about it.


And you are back to where you started…unhappy, tired, and totally stuck.


Any of this sound familiar?


I used to be in your shoes.


When I was trapped in my fancy-pants consulting job (I know, tiniest violin!), I keep wanting to

Why This Week Is The Worst (And Exactly What To Do About It)

Did you wake up with a Career Hangover on January 3rd?

Full of carbs and an extra glass of *something* – you blearily open your eyes to another new year of UGH, this same job.

Sure, you made a resolution to get a new job this year, but in the cold light of day you are already faltering.

The holiday fun is over, and Memorial Day and the summer holidays feel like they are eons away.

In the meantime you are left wondering – what are you going to do NOW?


This is why the first week of

10 Unusual Gifts For Your Career (You Need #1 Immediately)

Gifts for your career

Tis the season!

I know you have a ton of gifts to buy, errands to run, and cookies to eat (is that last one just me?).

But what if – instead of spending alllll of your money on gifts for other people – you gave your career a little gift as well?

Because after all, isn’t your career the thing that provides a lot of your confidence, self-worth, energy (or energy-drain) – so it’s worth spending a little time or money on?


But don’t fret! I have ideas to help you no matter WHERE you are right now

FREE Training: Networking Help For The Holidays

holiday networking


You’re standing there, glass of holiday beverage clutched in one hand.

The other hand has a plate of something cheese-related.

You keep your eyes down, desperately hoping to avoid more painful small talk, wondering when you can leave…

Have you ever had a holiday party experience like the above?

I think, no matter how much you love or hate holiday parties, there usually comes a time where you are ready to exit stage left…IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER.


But did you know that holiday parties are one of the best ways to improve your career on the planet?

Guilty Bad Career Indecision

making a decision

Have you ever felt indecisive about your career?

Maybe you’ve been feeling guilty for wanting something new or challenging. But what?

Or maybe you’ve been feeling stressed about how much you hate your job (but indecisive about your next step).

Or maybe your know your next step but you just can’t make a decision on when or how to change.  Seriously, how do you make a decision?

I get it.

And frankly, it sucks. Because you aren’t making a decision, you feel guilty – why aren’t you making progress? And because you feel guilty, you get weighed down…and procrastinate

The 3 LinkedIn Mistakes That Make Your Eyes Bleed

big linked in mistakes

Have you ever looked at LinkedIn and thought “Sigh. Why?”


You already know why it’s important (430 + million people, recruiters, job postings, brand positioning etc etc etc).

So I’m not going to argue a long, drawn-out case as to why you need to be on LI.

Let’s just forget about that for now.

Instead, let’s talk about how to use LI in a way that won’t make your eyes bleed from exhaustion.


LinkedIn Mistake #1: Spending tons of money on LinkedIn premium.

Do you need LI premium? Honestly, probably not.

If you are in a power

Say Yes Too Much? (Here’s How Not To Get Taken Advantage Of At Work)

overwhelmed at work

Have you ever had people ask you to do something reasonable, and then when you say yes, keep piling on requests?

Or, maybe someone doesn’t ask at all, they just dump some extra work on your desk with a quick: “I know you don’t mind!” as they sashay off?

Either way, you are left wondering: “Do I say YES too much?”


No fun.

I wrote a post last week on how to deal with difficult people in your office (and life!) , and got this interesting question in return:

What are your thoughts of knowing when to be nice, and when to stand your ground and not be nice?

I know many folks

Dealing With Difficult People

how to handle difficult people

Have you ever had a difficult co-worker?

Someone who drives you insane, or constantly puts you down, or is distant, aloof or draining in some way?

I think we’ve all had that experience of having our work be dragged down by the people with whom we work.

And frankly, it’s no fun!

I have some advice, but first: I have a story.

Years ago I went to England on a special fellowship to teach high-school.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, so when I was about to graduate college and landed this amazing

Big Planning Mistakes – Are You Doing This?

failure to plan

We all know the old statement: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

And in terms of your career, that is absolutely true!

But, before we dive into that old saying, let’s take a quick walk back in time.  In our free Summer of Career Fulfillment Series, we’ve talked about the idea that your career is a portfolio – and only concentrating on ONE thing can lead to disaster.

To counteract that – we’ve covered the 6 major areas of any fulfilling and healthy career, because if you spend focused, structured time on your career (and career education),


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