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Are you feeling lost or stuck in your career?

Have you ever...

Come home from work, sat on the couch, and found drinking wine and feeling guilty instead of doing something for your career?
Caught yourself wishing for a new job, but instead you find yourself staying in the same job because "The pay is good" or "It's the devil I know."
Wished for a new job or career, but you have NO idea what you should do with your life?
Jumped to help everyone else at work, even though it means that you may burn out (and your career takes a back seat)?
Been desperate to get out of your job, but every time you think about making a change you just feel more exhausted?
Been so annoyed with yourself for not being able to figure this whole career thing out...even though you are smart and capable (and have had some career success already)?

If this is you, it's time to take the Career Crystal Ball Assessment, and understand exactly why:

  • You stare at your resume but don't do anything about it
  • You work makes you listless, but you've got no energy to make a change (and your couch looks more and more comfortable)
  • You complain about work to your friends, but you never take their suggestions or do anything new
  • You feel like a fraud in your day-to-day work
  • You can't seem to make a choice about your next job, even though you have millions of ideas


You'll have answers, and a specific action plan for actually getting off the couch and into action...in under an hour.


This is not your mother's assessment.  I'm not going to tell you that you need to communicate more or that you are an extrovert. I'm going to get inside your head and tell you what is actually going on with your career, most importantly, how to start to  fix it.

You will know:

  • Why you feel weighed down or guilty about work and what to do about it
  • Why you seem to put yourself last at work, constantly helping others instead of yourself (or stay in a job too long!) and one simple trick to change (which is the secret that almost every highly successful person you admire uses!)
  • Why you can't seem to make a decison about what to next (stay, go? Quit? Something else?), and what to do about it
  • The first step to figuring out YOUR passion that actually requires no thought
  • A way to immediately boost your energy so you do not feel weighted down or exhausted by work all the time
  • Why you keep rationalizing staying in the same job (though you know you want to leave)
  • Plus tons of other insight based on your individual results!

This is the first step to making something happen in your career so that you can ultimately head down the path to career happiness.  We can't get you happy till we get rid of the stuff that is keeping you stuck.


How does it work?

The Career Crystal Ball assessment is a 20 minute online assessment (including a detailed report) followed by a 45 minute personal coaching session with Christie.  The investment is $229. The results - can be priceless.


What is it worth to you to feel better in your work? Let's go!


Still not sure? Here's what a few other people who have taken the assessment have said:

"Our conversation this afternoon marks the first time I've been able to speak candidly about the challenges and negative emotions I've experienced in my career search. I definitely feel more empowered to make small changes towards improving my energy level and getting the results I want, and I would certainly recommend the assessment to anyone looking for guidance in career changes.
Thanks again,
Danielle Sensley"
"Thank you again for the amazing career boost you gave me. I really appreciate it!
All the best, 
Crystal Moohn"
"I strongly recommend working with Christie and taking the assessment. She really knows what she is doing! She helped me see that I had more options than I thought. I just started a new job and it is something I might not have even considered before I met Christie.
Randi Kaplan"
Still here? I get it.  You are stuck! So think on this: Is making progress in your career worth the price of a trip to the hair salon or a night out on the town? Is what you are doing now working out for you? And, are you worth an investment in yourself?



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