You Want A Job You Love


Does this sound like you?

  • Maybe you are in a "good career" but you just feel trapped...
  • Maybe you wake up in the morning and as soon as you open your eyes, you start to dread going to work...
  • Maybe you find yourself on the couch at night, sipping wine and feeling guilty that you aren't doing SOMEthing to help "fix" your career...
  • Maybe you just want a new challenge or to be reinvigorated in your work but a small piece of you is worried that it will never happen...
  • Maybe you are telling yourself that you can't leave your job because of your salary.  You keep saying: "it's not THAT bad"...
  • Maybe you feel like your fear of failure is keeping you in a job you don't love (but everyone tells you that you should)...

Maybe you are a confident and optimistic person, but your career makes you feel  lost and you just want to find your passion already!! (!!)

The truth is, whatever you are doing now isn't working.  No matter how hard you try, you are still stuck.  But what if you weren't?



What would be different in your life, if you loved what you do?

When you love what you do, you:

1. Wake up excited about work. 

2. Get energized by opening up your computer or walking into your office, because your work matters.

3. Feel confident in yourself and where you are headed (and you aren't stuck on the couch wondering "what's next?").  You get to have an impact, and your work is fulfilling.

4. Go to parties and finally get to BE the person who enjoys answering the question: "What do you do?"

4. Most importantly, when you love what you do you are happy. 



But that begs the question, how do you get there?

Look, finding your passion isn't always as difficult as we make it out to be.  The problem most of us have is that first, we don't have a plan. Second, we don't have support, and then third, the lack of a plan and lack of support means that we don't figure it out (and we start to assume that we never will).

Truthfully, all you need to find your passion are a few things:

1. A structured system that takes the guess-work out of what you need to do next, so you don't waste time or energy feeling lost.  

2. Objective and honest support, so that you don't lose momentum.

3. Tools to help you get out of your own way (doubts and fears, anyone?), so that you move forward with confidence. 

4. A decision-making tool to help guide you whenever you start to lose direction. 


How do I know all of this?

Hello! I wanted to introduce myself :).  Before I won awards, had my website cited by Forbes, and was published all over the interwebs, I was just an unhappy consultant.  Even though I had a good job at a great company and with awesome co-workers, I was miserable.

And I felt guilty. And selfish. And stupid for feeling so stuck.

I wanted a way out. 

But I was so lost.

So I finally decided to get out of my own way (I spent years being in my own way, it was kind of my thing), and I got help.

I signed up for a coaching certification program and finally realized how much fun doing something I loved could be.  I was like a sponge in the desert that finally found a rainstorm and it felt AMAZING.

And then I looked around - and I saw that I was surrounded by miserable person after miserable person.  Spend some time on the DC metro during rush hour and you'll know exactly what I mean.

I thought to myself: "There HAS to be a better way."

What if people loved their work? What if we got energized by what we did for 8 hours each day, instead of feeling drained?

What if we started talking about it, and helping each other, and making having a great career that we loved a priority, instead of a dream?

What would be different in the world if we were all happier?

A lot. 

So it started with me. I left consulting to do what I love. I took years of research of my own and that of other experts, and built a unique system to help people.  My work has now reached tens of thousands, and it's pretty darn awesome.  Along the way I've had some exciting times, and gotten recognized by big names. 

But that doesn't matter.

What matters is that it continues with you.  You deserve career happiness. So that's why I'm here to help. 





The Solution: VIP Private 1-on-1 Coaching Passion Program

We go through four structured phases as part of the program:

Phase 1: Stop What's Holding You Back

You know those voices in your head that tell you that you don't have the skills to get the job you want, or that you'll never find your passion, or that you will probably fail if you try something new with your career (because you may not even deserve it)?  We all have them, and they are *special demons* to each of us.  By the end of this program, those voices will stop limiting your choices and you will see job opportunity (and excitement) all around you.  Is it challenging? Yes. Is it fun? YES!

Why this is important: Your fears and doubts are the biggest barrier to your finding your passion right now.  Once we deal with them, everything else becomes so much easier. 


Phase 2: Find Your Passion

Your passion is based exactly in who you are; and you are a unique, wonderful, crazy, awesome, imperfect (and pretty darn perfect) person.  So we've got to start with who you are in order to figure out the rest of it.  Our job is to peel the onion and uncover the best about you, and then bring your best out so we can figure out exactly what you will do from 9-5.  My specialty is helping you uncover information about yourself in a way you've never thought about before, which makes it easy to find your unique passion. When my clients find their passion (and they do), their entire career world changes. 

Why this is important: YOU are your passion.  Trying to find your passion without knowing who you are is like trying to find a new city without a map.  Do this work once, and you'll never have to look back.  


Phase 3: Career Safari

Once we have a direction, it's time to narrow the focus and take you into choosing the next job for you (we've got to get you making money from your passion, right?).  So, we go on a little career safari where you experience a few different careers and start to figure out which road you want to take.  You'll get my expertise and completely tailored advice including a mapped out strategy of what to do, who to talk to, and how to make progress. 

Why this is important: You won't wonder: "Is this right for me?" or "Can I do this" once you go on a career safari. We take the doubt, guess-work (and stress) out of your choice.


Phase 4: Action

We move you forward;  Your resume, your interviews, your business plan, your networking.  We dig in and get tactical. This is where the rubber meets the road.  You'll have a former Fortune 100 Principal in your pocket, and you'll get 100% accountability and support, so that you absolutely move forward in your career. 

Why this is important: This is why you are reading this webpage, right? :)


Ultimately, you will finally be on the path to a career you love

My goal is to give you the support you need through this entire process, so that you aren't alone as you make your career transition.  I'm ready to hold your hand, watch your back, and be there when you need me.  I want you to have the success you want in your career!




What's included in the program

(All kinds of awesome stuff!)


1. 8 private 50-minute sessions, via phone or skype, over 5 months. This is our chance to dig into your dreams and plans for yourself (and uncover them!) together. Lean on me, I'm an expert at helping you get to where you want to go.


2. Unlimited email in between sessions.  Lots of stuff comes up at work. Whether it is a crappy boss or a low moment, you'll have access to an expert when you need help.  If you want answers to a tricky career question or need venty email exchange where you say to me what you really want to say to your boss, you'll have me on tap 24/7 (except when I'm asleep. Even I am not that magical).


3. Worksheets and homework tailored specifically for you.  Everything is made for you and you can track your progress as you uncover the work you love.  Having a written record of your progress is priceless. 


4. Lifetime access to my signature group coaching program, The Career Happiness Revolution.  This is a group coaching program designed to give you a complete blueprint to a career that you will love.  The Career Happiness Revolution is a dynamic group of women looking to make a big leap - you'll be connected to the group (and the material) and you can access it again and again.  Having a safe community that loves you and is powering your career transition is worth its weight in gold. 


5. Two 30-minute private 1-on-1 sessions once regular coaching is finished.  This way you can get a boost and some clarity whenever you need it. 


5. BONUS: Year-long support in 2015.  You'll get an invitation to monthly office hours for the rest of 2014 after your sessions are complete, so you will have a coach to lean on through your career transition.  This is your chance to call in for advice and help, even after your private coaching sessions have been completed.


6. BONUS: A ticket to Career Camp in the fall.  This is a roll-up your sleeves live event filled with workshops (and fun!) and it's a chance for us to meet in person and maintain your progress. Note: does not include travel or hotel.


6. BONUS: Accountability so you make the career change you want. Yes, that's right. It's my job to hold you accountable and I WILL stalk you to make sure that you make progress.  I'm that kind of career coach, and I'm committed to you accomplishing your goal - your happiness is my mission.


Note: Unlike many other coaching programs, this program is limited to only 10 people, so that you have my complete focus throughout.  That is how I can stalk you to the best of my ability :).

You'll get a year's worth of support and coaching in your career. What is that worth to you to finally get out of a job that you hate, and into something that you love?


Are you interested?

This program is for you if you are tired of trying things that don't work, if you are ready for a new job or new career...but you don't know what,  if you are struggling with the question: "What is my passion?" Or "What if I don't even have a passion?" 


If you want to have more fun with your career (including the process of figuring it all out), and you value having expert help in your pocket. 

We are going to help you find your passion and put you on the path to a job that you will love.

The total cost is $500 a month for 2015, and the coaching will start at the end of January, with sessions scheduled for your convenience. 







Remember, space is limited to 10 people because this is an incredibly hands-on and tailored-for-you program.  Filling out the application does not commit you to attending, but it does signify your serious interest.

"Most of all, Christie has given me the guidance I needed to transition from an employee in a field I was successful in but no longer enjoyed, to opening my own business and expanding it across the country." - Amanda Diamondstein


It's 2015, how much more time are you going to spend hating your job?

Look, I could lie and tell you things will get better on your own, but the truth is that you've already done the "on your own" thing and it hasn't worked.  You've also done the "I'll give it time" thing and the "I'll just suck it up" thing. 

How's that going for you?

Do you want another year to go by (that's 3,000 hours of work by the way) while you hate your job and your life, or do you want to do something about it? I sincerely hope it's the second.  You, your family, and your LIFE all deserve work you love. 



This seems interesting, but I want to know more about you and your credentials, Christie:

If you want to know more about my personal story, my degrees and my formal coaching certification, please check out the about the founder page right here.  And, if you would like to read my professional bio and see what organizations I've helped, by all means click here.  Finally, here's a link to some of my in-the-past client work - yes, it's video and you can see me in action!

Want to learn more about what it is like to work privately with Christie and experience her expertise (and figure out if this is for you?). Click on the photos below (note: there will be fun!)


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