Worth the investment!

"Making the decision to invest in Christie’s career coaching was one of the best choices I’ve made for my career. But, the decision didn’t come easily. I questioned whether coaching would work for me or if I would see significant changes at the end. After a lot of consideration, I realized that I needed to make this investment in myself in order to move my career path forward. I wasn’t able to do it on my own and I needed guidance, motivation and someone to hold me accountable.

Through Christie’s coaching, I’ve been able to overcome fears and doubts that I’ve struggled with for years to recognize my passion and how I can turn that passion into a career. Her approach to coaching is straightforward and simple if you’re willing to put in the work. The change I’ve seen in myself and my approach to move forward in a new career direction was well worth the investment. I don’t believe I would be where I am today without her support. She’s truly one of the best!"

-Michelle L, PR and Design, Ohio

Christie has been a fabulous coach!

"Christie has been a fabulous coach. She has helped me to not only recognize my strengths, but also how to talk about them. I have learned how to "own" my strengths and internalize them in a way that makes me more confident in telling others what I bring to the table in an honest and straightforward manner, without hesitating. She also helped me to "break the cycle" of "hoping" to get a job. I now see my strengths, how I fit into the positions that I am applying for, and what organizations/positions will be the right fit not just for the organization or business, but also for me. It is like dating. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. I don't "hope" to get a job anymore. I know the next step in my career will be a good fit for me at an organization or company that fits my needs, as much as I fit theirs thanks to Christie."

- Renee Wolforth, International Development Officer - Bali

I am secure and inspired in my chosen career path.


"Before working with Christie I was unsure about my career path.  I was unsure about the choices I had made, and, frankly, I was terrified about my financial future and my ability to achieve career success.  I compared myself to other women and always carried a nagging feeling that I should be doing what they were doing or that I wasn’t doing enough.


And now, not only am I secure and inspired in my chosen path, I learned that I had many tools already in place for my success and got really clear about things that weren’t working or were unnecessary.  I also have a host of new tools that I will be able to implement as my career progresses.

Christie not only provides incredible expertise, she radiates enthusiasm and passion.  It is clear that her inspiration is bringing joy and success to women who are seeking more power, passion, and happiness in their lives through their careers.  She truly is a fairy godmother!"

- Mitzi Boardman, Court Reporting Student - Oregon


I implemented the plan and had success right away!

“I would highly recommend Christie Mims to anyone that is no longer excited about their career, or feels “trapped in their suit.” I needed some help connecting with certain referral sources in my career. Christie helped me to narrow down my target and then come up with a plan that I was comfortable with and was very easy. I implemented the plan and had success from it right away! This was all after the very first meeting. Since then she has been a great fairy godmother and continues to be a great resource for my success.”

-Amber Stevens, Licensed Insurance Agent - Virginia

The payoff was huge. I'm forging forward on plans and ideas that are most important to me.

“I had the pleasure of working with Christie and in short amount of time she was able to get me moving into action on things that I had the most fear around for years. She is very insightful and full of a light energy that allows you the space to explore new options without judgment. I felt completely safe with her and trusted her process. The pay off was huge, because of her I’ve worked through several personal setbacks and am now forging forward on plans and ideas that are most important to me. Christie is definitely one in a million and I am so grateful to have been able to work with such a divine coach.”

Crystal Brown, Small Business Owner - Maryland


The pay-off in my new salary make her one of the best investments I've made in a decade!

“What has amazed me about this process is how Christie was able to help me make links between ideas that were already in my possession. She didn’t tell me, push me, or ever critique me, she just gently guided me toward where I was already headed –a place I couldn’t quite see on my own. With Christie’s magical boost, I dared to reach even further in my career and now I’m playing with the big boys. Not only was she worth every penny, the pay-off in my new salary make her one of the best investments I’ve made in a decade!”

-Jessica Sandberg, Director of International Admissions - Philadelphia


“Christie helped me think through how I manage my work and personal schedules, and how I balance the demands on my time with the need to keep some time to myself. Christie was easy to talk with. She asked perceptive questions that helped me organize my thoughts, break apart the issue to identify where I really had concerns, and determine an action plan with follow-ups to help me stay on track. Working with Christie has made a real difference in an aspect of my professional and personal lives that had been an issue for a long time.”

-Jason Maga, Director of Operations, Railroads - DC

I was able to pull myself out of my professional rut.

“With Christie’s coaching support, I was able to pull myself out of my professional rut and map out a constructive, achievable path towards finally (FINALLY) pursuing my “dream career." By this I mean that Christie helped me identify my strengths, build on them, and harness them to the max. She also helped identify the areas of my life that I needed to address in order to reach my full potential. Mostly, Christie helped me see that change – drastic, major change – is achievable, realistic, and she helped me help myself in identifying the steps to take to get there. Christie’s method revolutionized my way of thinking about myself and my potential. It’s a long journey, but with Christie’s support, I had the strength to start it and know that she is there to keep me accountable and provide constructive guidance when it’s needed.

-Laura W.B., Fire Chiefs Association- Virginia


“Christie has a unique gift for talking through life challenges in perceptive, sensitive, and uplifting fashion.  She manages to get right to the heart of the issue without pushing or prodding, and she leaves you excited about implementing the solutions you have come up with together.  As a working mom, I am constantly on the go and struggling to find more hours in the day.  Christie helped me come up with some excellent ideas for spending my time more efficiently, ideas that had been percolating in the back of my mind but weren’t fully realized until I sat down with her.  My session with Christie filled me with a sense of purpose and, thanks to her, I have had more success in juggling my many responsibilities.”

-Sarah Paul, Federal Prosecutor - New York

I have been working with Christie Mims for a number of years now and she is absolutely amazing. She is not only a fantastic listener but she is encouraging, inspirational and empathetic. Throughout my work with Christie she been able to help me to get clarity on my finances and create a plan to get them in order. She has advised me on my personal life including constructive analysis and valuable solutions regarding positive ways to work through conflicts.

Most of all, Christie has given me the guidance I needed to transition from an employee in a field that I was successful in though no longer enjoyed, to opening my own business and then expanding it across the country. She was there from the first steps that I took in developing the business from nurturing the idea to making the business a reality. Her support and feedback was key throughout the building block stages. With Christie’s counsel I have been able to better manage all aspects of my life from my professional life and my personal life to my financial wellbeing. She conducts her firm with the utmost professionalism while also acting as a friend and confidante. Christie truly is the best kept secret out there in the world of coaching whether you are looking to switch careers, get your finances in order or just lead a happier, healthier, more satisfying and fulfilling life.

I would highly recommend Christie Mims as her work is priceless."

-Amanda Diamonstein, Wedding Planner - San Francisco


"I strongly recommend working with Christie. She really knows what she is doing! She helped me see that I had more options than I thought. I just started a new job and it is something I might not have even considered before I met Christie. She helps you figure out what you really want and first discover and then change the messages in your head that are holding you back. I learned a lot about myself and gained the confidence to not just take the first job I found, but to wait for something good.  I got my power back so to speak!"

-Randi Kaplan, CFO - Maryland

You have the hope of finding the right career path!

"Christie is knowledgable, approachable, and the ultimate girl-next-door career coach who you can trust.  The information she built within the career happiness revolution would be 4x as much if someone was to consult or coach with her and each expert individually.
I feel inspired and motivated to view my career differently, you realize with Christie and the CHR you have the hope of finding the right career path!

  - Aliza Stein McDill, CEO A Freaking Great Company - Alabama

I would definitely recommend her.

"Christie’s class has allowed me to break free from some of my demons and shine a light on my path forward! The content is challenging but insightful, and the community of women I’ve connected with is powerful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to take a step forward in their career."

   -  Gale Paige, Director of Outreach - Virginia

"I love the personal and practical approach to the program [Career Happiness Revolution]. Christie is not making any outrageous claims that our job and our lives will magically change overnight, but that it takes real time and dedication and small steps will get you there. Christie has made this program very approachable and real by sharing her personal experiences in the videos. Listening to Christie in the videos feels authentic and that is inspiring!"

  -  Kelly Darke, Chicago

Christie is a positive force!

"Joining the Career Happiness Revolution gave me a solid dose of hope during an otherwise difficult time of transition for me. I'm a working mom, so I decided to take a break from my accelerated Master's program after the death of my Father. I was concerned that time away from my studies and the structure I'm used to would get me down. Thankfully, with your program and the mastermind groups, I was able to use that time to focus on taking steps to create a more rewarding career. The homework, challenges, and inspiring videos helped me shape a vision and roadmap for my future. I now have a sense of hope and I'm taking steps to make it happen. Between the support of my fellow Happiness Rev mastermind group and the strategies I've learned, I'm confident I'll see a tangible shift in my work in the next 6 months to a year. Christie is a positive force and she knows just how to push you to make the most of your dreams!"

- Stephani Roberts, M.I.T Web Strategist - Boston

"Before starting the Career Happiness Revolution, I was worried that I wouldn't be at the same level as the other participants. However, I was pleased to find that I enjoyed the differences in ages and types of careers and skill levels.
I feel the CHR gave me the permission to finally discover my "happy" career self through reflection.  Most importantly, I am very proud that I have reached WAY out of my box/comfort level. I started the process blindly before CHR but, CHR gave me the confidence and clarity to work with a recruiter and to go on 2 interviews and a phone interview! Concrete results!"
-Sue Muratori, Interior Designer - New York

I was able to put my fears and concerns out there.

"As typical of Christie, she and the CHR, broke down the skills needed to not only focus me on what I needed to do to find my passion jobwise, but also allowed me to understand more of myself.  I was able to put my fears and concerns out there on paper or within my small group of like-minded professionals in order to be able to overcome them more easily.  Christie’s use of experts like herself brought in new perspectives and provided additional insight into how others have found their passions.  I would highly recommend participating in CHR, especially if you need the extra support of not only Christie’s expert advice, but others who are in similar positions.  Because you find others that are where you are, it makes it easier to put yourself out there and push forward in finding your career/life passion."

-Janna Lipman, International Development - Washington DC

She helped guide me to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, and what I was good at.

"Before working with Christie I was in the worst place possible - scared, lonely, and really unsure about my future.  I kept putting myself out there with little result.  After working with Christie I realized that I was doing it all wrong! She helped guide me to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, and what I was good at, and honed in on things I had never considered before.  She also helped me with scripts (invaluable for an introver like myself), and long and short-term job options to get me out of the financial rut I was in. I love her style! She's fun, sassy, smart and incredibly resourceful.  Investing in coaching with Christie is one of the best decisions I've ever made."

- Samantha Gilbert, Heath and Nutrional Coach, Marin CA

"Just want to thank you for putting these videos up. I watched the Finding Your Passion video.

I was just having my last week at the office,  resigning from my job at a global market research agency to pursue my passion of working in community empowerment nonprofit organization. After volunteering there for 2 years I was suddenly offered a full time position but need to take a salary cut (the difference wasnt a lot though, something I can deal with).

At that moment when I was watching ur video I had my doubts and was second guessing my decision. Is this really my passion? Am I really meant to do this? Will I really be able to survive with this salary? What if it's just a bug that I'll get bored with?

But once I asked myself the questions that u propose, particularly "what are ur browser's history full of?" And "if money was not an object what would you do with ur free time?" I realized that this job I'm about to embark on full time was really my passion,  no need to second guess and doubt  myself and my decision any longer. 

The thought enabled me to really put on my full soul & commitment to my next job, that im gonna do it to the best of my abilities and for as long as I am able to because it is such a gift that I get to do my passion work full time and for a living.

Thanks so much for the reassurance. Hope you keep giving inspiration & reassurance to countless others!"

  - Meli R, California

"The 6 steps to finding what I wanted was great! It was very clear and easy for me to follow and a fantastic tool! It boiled down into a few pages what some people take 300 pages to say. At the end, the answer just danced through my head saying "here I am!"

-Kristin Logan, Canada


"I'm very happy with the progress I made in private coaching and I want to thank you for everything. I feel a lot more confident.

I feel that I can research and that I am a creative person. I feel that I can go after my dreams and actually achieve them. I feel more like my mother, and that I can handle a lot more than I thought I could.   Thank you for everything."

-Michelle G, New York




"Let me begin by saying I am so glad to have found out about your website. A friend of mine e-mailed me a copy of your 6 simple steps to finding work that makes you happy. Since I have received it, I felt so enlightened and have been forwarding my other friends. I have been filling it out  this work book and I feel so much better. Thank you again!"


-Ashley Stokes, New York


"I am feeling stuck, bored and unappreciated in my current role and I definitely don't really fit the role (never really did to be honest). I found the workbook process really enlightening and it helped me identify and articulate what sort of job I would like next! This has been 90 per cent of the problem really. I knew I was ready for something else but I just couldn't see what. 

I have spent the past few days creating a career plan, following on from your 6 simple steps, and    Have a a clear picture now of how I am going to get to the desired job and roughly how long this will take:)
I really appreciate your advice and the workbook you make available through your website. I will continue to share your posts and spread the word on behalf of your program. 
All the very best and thanks for the support!
Kind regards"

-Susan Walsh


"I'd absolutely recommend Christie.  Christie sets herself apart from other life/career coaches because she geniunely cares.  She's really willing to start at the first step which many career coaches skip: Finding your Passion. Some coaches don’t want to help you with that part because it’s hard and perhaps a waste of their time. However, in my opinion, it’s the most important step and will dictate the rest to follow. Christie doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find it or promise to magically reveal it to you, but she gives you the tools necessary to help you get much closer than you would have on your own. She will definitely help you get unstuck.

I just think that Christie is amazing and the encouraging work that she does- centered around career confidence and happiness- really contributes to the workforce. Each CHR cycle, she churns out even more positive people who bring that energy into their workplace. If more coaches were like her, I think people would seek less jobs that were “work” and seek more careers where they could be proud to provide a “contribution”. The professional environment would be more fulfilling and productive on the whole."

- Tara Sosa

Christie gives you the roadmap on how to follow your passion.

"I came into coaching because my job is awful and I hated it.  My biggest reservation about joining a coaching program was the money.  But even though my career is still a work in progress, working with Christie has improved my life immensely.  I have been able to incorporate her advice and guidance into all areas of my life. She has really helped to show me that you have to define exactly what you need and how to get there.

Two things that she does really well:
1. Christie gives the roadmap on how to follow your passion whatever that might be.  It’s one thing to say: “Follow your passion,” but it’s entirely different when you actually know what to follow.
2. Christie does an excellent job of being able to curate the best expert advice in a way that makes sense and is accessible.  In this day and time, information overwhelm can happen very quickly. She makes it easy by giving you exactly what you need.

She helped me to be able to manage and deal with those ideas that were keeping me stuck. I’d absolutely recommend her!"

- Azure Waller, Mississippi

I was spinning my wheels. Working with Christie made all the difference.

"I came to private coaching because I wanted to go back to work after a break raising my son and traveling overseas with my husband's job. I knew I didn't want to go back to my old career, but I didn't know how to decide on what else to do. For me it was a lot of money to spend, and it was hard to be really sure that the coaching would help me pick a new career.

I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out what to do next on my own. I would make progress, but not be sure my decisions would stick.

I am now confident that the path I am on is based on something I can stick with. When things get tough, or I start to have doubts, I can fall back on the process we went through and remind myself of the reasons I chose this path.

I am starting my own business and it feels so right! Working with Christie has improved my communication with my family about what I need to do for self-care and given me new tools to have a more positive mindset about how I think about myself.

I’d absolutely recommend Christie and her coaching.  Working with Christie made all the difference in the world to finally be happy with my choice for my next career move."

- Carole Ahmed, Founder Taru LLC Northern Virginia

My career is much better than it was before!

"I joined the program because I had a big fear of success, feeling as if I don’t deserve it and I was standing in my own way.  I had a few reservations initially, I'm a very introverted, "works best alone" kind of person, so I was worried about that. However, I really loved reading people's posts in the Facebook Group and listening to their input on the group webinars. I didn't feel exposed or vulnerable at all.

The biggest benefit I gained from Christie's guidance, insight, and support was learning about my gremlins and learning how to manage them.

My career is much better than it was before! I am now woking for an independently owned restaurant and venue as their Talent Buyer, which is the person who books the bands. Since I am in the independent music scene, it's perfect! Christie's help also improved how I handled my gremlins when they popped up in other aspects of my life, like in inter-personal relationships and hobbies. I'm generally just much more motivated now to try - to just TRY.

Christie is an exceptional career coach who gets to know her clients and their needs. Christie asks all the right questions to help people discover their potential and what's holding them back (their "gremlins"). She makes them feel like they really can and deserve to make the change they need, and she gives them the tools to do it.

I just want to take this opportunity to personally thank Christie for doing the work she does. Oh! And because of my new-found motivation, confidence, and gremlin-crushing tools (hehe), I am pursuing my own business. I even recently qualified for a business grant I would never have gone after before, so thanks! I would absolutely recommend her."

-Michelle Evans, No Holds Barred Press and Media

Christie was funny, tough, informative and most of all compassionate.

"I came into the Career Happiness Revolution because I was seriously interested in switching careers. I didn’t hate my job, but I was definitely not passionate about it and I only stayed because I liked my co-workers. I was on the fence initially, because I honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money on a program - I’ve already read at least 20 self-help books at least!

But now, I’d absolutely recommend Christie and the program.  She was funny, tough, informative and most of all compassionate. The fact that she has been through every aspect of what she teaches makes a huge difference.  My biggest benefit was knowing how to break down the whole process into manageable steps. And let's face takes work but the "homework" was really where the breakthroughs came. And you can go back to the materials at any time if you get stuck or find yourself backsliding!  And it works: Right now I am in the middle of transitioning out of teaching and into being a landscape designer. I am designing and teaching!"

-Sally Sayre, Visual Arts Instructor

I wanted to quit "just earning a paycheck."  And now I'm so much clearer. 

"I joined the Career Happiness Revolution because I have never really found my passion in work and I wanted to finally figure that out and quit “just earning a paycheck.” As a single mom, I was worried about the price but I gained a huge benefit: I finally have an idea about what kind of job I can be passionate about. It is still evolving, but I’m so much clearer. The tools Christie used to draw out our passions was great.  

Christie has a great program.  She makes it simple and the schedule helps to keep you focused.    I recommend her to people because she knows what she is talking about (since she too found her dream on a not-so-straight path) and she makes it fun and thought-provoking in a way I had not discovered before."

-Lori Brennan Graphic Designer/Marketing


The accountability was critical to my growth, and she brought out the best in me.

I was struggling with direction in my career, and I felt rudderless for the past couple of years. Before I started coaching, I questioned whether it would be worth the cost. Ultimately however, I saw it as an investment in myself. I knew that I would only get out of it what I was asked to put it in, so I made the commitment to myself to go all in.

One of my big issues was that I had come off of working for a horrible boss and had low self-esteem and low confidence in my abilities and career next steps. Over the course of the last year I have made a drastic improvement in believing in myself and also putting myself first. I truly believe in my skills, my personality and what I bring to the table and am now more eager and excited to act on it! The accountability was critical to my growth. I could say I wanted to accomplish something in my career but having Christie to bounce ideas off of, to have her speak to that inner voice I knew I had inside me, she brought out the best in me and provided a toolkit for me to continue growing and pursuing opportunities I once steered clear of!

Christie is a positive force that will hold you accountable, draw out your 'gremlins' (what you're afraid of) and provide you with a framework to succeed within. The best news: working with Christie for a year doesn't just end on 12/31, she's provided me with a lifelong career recipe to build from.

-Jalyn Feth, San Francisco


"I'm working towards my goal of being a vet and I have a better job in the meantime....she changed my life."

I came to the Passion Program because I was struggling with confidence and direction - I couldn't figure out where to start or how to prioritize my thoughts, to-dos, responsibilities and my emotions.  I felt completely overwhelmed in my work and my life.  I was hesitant at first to sign up for coaching, because I was worried about the value for the money I was going to pay.  

The benefits I gained from working with Christie…Ha - Where do I start! She helped me prioritize my feelings and desires. We worked a lot on communication, which I have implemented in my life and in my career.  I now have a completely different perspective and outlook.  I’m working towards my goal of becoming a vet, and I have a better job offer in the meantime.  

I’d absolutely recommend Christie, and I already have. One of my friends has reached out to her about coaching already.  I’d recommend her because her energy is contagious. She honestly loves what she does, which is so inspiring. She helps you think differently and approach situations differently.

She changed my life.”

-Lauren Cable, New York

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