11 Fun Gifts For Your Career

11 Fun Gifts For Your Career

Holiday Gifts for your career

I’m a fan of gifts.  🙂

And I believe that sometimes your career deserves a present.  Seriously – you buy gifts for everyone else, why not get your career something that will actually help you with your career happiness? But what should you get? No worries, I’m on it!


Here’s a list of fun and helpful gifts for your career (feel free to share it!):

1. Take a vacation day just for YOU. Seriously. Don’t take all of the days just on family, or schedule yourself to bejeezus.  Take one for YOU on a random Tuesday or Thursday, and plan your ideal day.  Read 7 books, sit in front of the fire, go and do something fun that you’ve been putting off…explore something new for you and your career.  The first step to figuring it all out is to take the time to actually figure it out.

2. Get a cup of holiday-flavored coffee and a friend, and spend some time talking about your ideal work day, and then write down what you talked about.  I’ve found that sometimes it helps to talk with someone to start to articulate what you want your work to look like.  Doing it on your own can be stressful, so why not make it fun? Talk about what you imagine wearing to work, what your work space looks like, what time you go to work, and the type of people you work with to get the conversation rolling.

3.  ​Grab Zero to Passion: The Whole Shebang.  Did I mention? It’s my entire professional career coaching system on passion ready for you, including a book, workbooks, and videos – so that whatever way that you learn, you are covered.  If you want to find your passion, you need some help on exactly what to do to figure it out, no? This is that help and from now till Friday at 5 pm ET, it’s on sale for only $99.  (Normally it’s $150, so…grab it while the grabbing is good!).

4. Grab yourself a hilarious coffee mug, so that when you are at your desk you have something cheering. I personally love this one.  And this one. 

5. Up your morning beverage “grounding moment” routine.  I have a moment with tea every morning (coffee is like bitter sand), where I take a few deep breathes and read the Washington Post and start my morning in a relaxed and unstressed way.  Lately I’ve splashing out on Taylor’s of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast Tea which is only found at fancier stores than Safeway (where I usually grocery shop because I get easily confused in new grocery stores), but I’ve been enjoying the moment more.

6. Build your networking community by taking someone you admire out to lunch.  Write them a note saying something like: “You’ve really inspired me in x or z way this year, and I’d love to take you to lunch as a thank you.” Book a place you’ve been wanting to go and … gasp: Order a drink AND dessert!

7. Get yourself (or someone you know) an hour or two with a business coach to finally get that new idea off of the ground and into reality.  If you want help starting an online business, these guys are good.

8. Or hire a resume coach to do a rewrite of your resume for the new year.  Resumes are the worst, and it’s okay to want to have someone else do it for you! (Just make sure you know what you want to do before you update your resume).

9. Buy yourself something new for your wardrobe that gives you confidence.  New bright new lipstick.  A new sweater or necklace. For the gentleman, you can never go wrong with a pocket square :).

10. Make new business cards with your NEW career on them, and start handing them out.  If you want to make it happen, you need to start acting like it already has :).

11. Need interview help? Why not invest in getting some professional help if it’s an area where you struggle. I always recommend Alan over at Interview Success Formula. I’ve worked with him in the past and he knows his stuff (and it’s affordable!).


Happy Holidays!