3 Big Networking Mistakes (That Lose You Money)

3 Big Networking Mistakes (That Lose You Money)

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Have you ever thought about networking and then thought “meh. NOPE.”

Or “maybe later?”

Or “ummm…..”


You aren’t alone!

But networking doesn’t have to be scary and that thing you avoid.

You already know why it’s so important (it gets you raises, better jobs, promotions, and even help finding your passion! Seriously!).

So why not make more money and enjoy your job more?

(Don’t cringe!)

The easy way to start is by avoiding these three mistakes (and doing the easy homework I give you, especially in Mistake #2).

Just click to watch – it’s short and painless! ๐Ÿ™‚

Need more help?

Need more networking help and want to learn how to create a network from thin air? Here’s a free 5 minute video + awesome worksheet that will cure what ails you.

Plus, you’ll get a free mini-course on networking, including how to overcome your dread, what to say during awkward small talk, and one big thing you should change immediately. Curious, sign up here!


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