3 Unexpected Lessons From My Birthday

3 Unexpected Lessons From My Birthday

birthday lessons for your career

So, I unexpectedly turned officially older recently.

I say unexpectedly because in my mind, I’m always about 24.

(I know, feel free to laugh!).

IF you are going blind, AND the room is candle-lit, AND I’m at least 10 feet away from you…then maybe I could be 24? 🙂

Anyway, each year on my birthday I reflect back on what I’ve learned in the last year, and how I can take those lessons forward.

You can see last year’s post right here.

I share these thoughts and lessons to inspire you to make changes in your career, because I know it was one big birthday for me that pushed me to finally do what I loved…and it changed my life forever.

(And also, I have some questions for YOU. So keep reading!).


Birthday Lesson #1: Things can change for the better in an instant…IF you decide that they will.

I’m not trying to be Pollyanna here by any means, but I’ve been amazed at how fast things can improve once you commit to improving them.

So, last year we bought a house, moved, and did a bunch of renovations on it.

We waited to do a second round of renovations until last spring, and while we were promised that they’d take about 3-4 weeks, they took over 3 months.

Here’s the problem: I work from home.

I need quiet and space in order to think creatively, coach people, host webinars, and feel relaxed about the fact that I’m transitioning my pj’s to day wear.

You know what isn’t quiet or relaxed? Having a tile saw going in your house, having dust everywhere, and having to constantly be wearing pants when you are used to wearing sweats. Plus, not having access to a huge part of your workspace.

I was all “I can handle this! No problem” for a few weeks.

Then I quietly started to lose my mind.

At first, I was just grumpy.

Then, I was shouty.

Then I was just a hot mess.

As we rolled into the final month of the project, I could see the impact the renovations were having on both me and my ability to serve you in this community.

The impact was NOT pretty.

I was all “I’m losing my mind and I CAN’T COACH OR WRITE AND I’M LOSING MY MIND DID I MENTION?”

Obviously, looking back, I should have done a few things differently, starting with not being home as much.

But anyway, I didn’t have hindsight in that moment, and I felt like I had lost control of my business and my life.

When the contractors finally left, I had to have a hard talk with myself and also my bookkeeper.

I felt lost for a little bit, like I had lost sight of my goals and ability to execute in one of the things that matters most to me – my job.

I know I’m not alone in this feeling.

But I said this: “Christie, take a few days off to regroup and stop pretending that things are okay. When you get back, you’ll be refreshed and ready to reset.”

So I did that. I baked some pies, I took a nap, I read some books.

Then I came back and committed to all of my previous goals for the year, AND THEN SOME.

I said to myself: “There’s no reason why you can’t do this. So do it. And then track your progress.”

And I did :).

I started some massive new projects like this one, I onboarded some great new coaches so we could again offer one-on-one coaching here at the RevClub, and I pushed myself farther, and faster, than I have ever before.

When I looked back over the year, it was amazing to see the results.

And what was really cool was that as soon as I decided, the payoff started coming in, faster than I had ever expected. The reason? Because I was so firm in my decision and belief to execute, I took positive action. I leaned into things, I didn’t second-guess myself (much), and when things got hard or tough, I still kept going.

And I truly believe it came down to 1) Committing to getting results and 2) Tracking those results so I never lost focus.

–>So here’s my first question to you: What have you committed to this year? What are you doing so that you won’t lose focus?


Birthday Lesson #2: You are always capable of more.

Our careers are interesting because they are often the source of huge personal growth.

Whether it’s learning a completely new skill, or learning how to manage up, or getting stretched personally by a big promotion or a new job, your career generates many chances for you to evolve in a positive way…if you let it.

Add in being an entrepreneur on top of that, and you are really cooking with gas!

Each year I grow and stretch in ways that I never thought possible.

Last year was more than most.

Every time I planned something I added a “so what ELSE can you do?” question to the end of it.

I wanted to make sure that I was never comfortable.

Never resting on my laurels or settling for less.

So I pushed WAY BEYOND my comfort zone into an area that I like to call the redline – where I felt that every day I was operating at 100% capacity.

Each month I asked “How can I make this BETTER” and focused in on the projects that would mean the most to my communities.

I overhauled the Career Happiness Revolution from the top down.

I offered a few brand new programs that I knew would help people with their careers.

I tried to give away as much of my knowledge as possible, so everyone could take advantage.

And mostly I learned that I am capable of doing far more than I had previously thought.

–>Here’s my question for you: Where could you be doing more? Where can you push yourself so that you end up in a place that you want to be?


Birthday Lesson #3: Who do you want to be?

So, back when I was 34 – which was [REDACTED] years ago, someone in my workplace died.

He was my age.

He had a family.

He had been one of the original people to interview me at that consulting job.

And he died.

That was a wake up call for me to ask myself: “Who do you want to be?”

See, I had already gotten my coaching certification and put up my website and started working on getting clients.

But I had been pussy-footing around, not really making any progress to committing to going after coaching as a full-time profession.

I knew I needed to quit my job and fully commit, but I couldn’t *quite* make myself pull the trigger.

But when I thought about what had happened to my co-worker, and how short and fragile life can be, what became clear to me was that I wanted to be someone who at least tried. Who was afraid but who did it anyway.

So, each year I try and ask myself that question again “Who do you want to be?” and make sure that I answer it.

This year I want to be a better version of myself than ever  before – a better mentor to you, a better coach for you, and a better motivator to help you find work you love.

–> So here’s my question to you? Who do YOU want to be?

Remember, everything can change in an instant, so go out and BE that person!


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