Getting Organized For Your Career Transition (So It’s Not So Painful)

How are you at organizing?

Me, personally – I’m not always *awesome.*

I like things tidy – but I’m incredibly bad at paperwork and when faced with huge projects, sometimes I panic.

And when you are contemplating a hug transition like changing jobs, or even changing careers, well – blah.

It’s exhausting!

Because career change and job searching is so freaking exhausting, I wanted to help you do a little to offset the fatigue.

Getting organized part one: Time

The first, and potentially most important, way to get organized involves your time.

So take a second, and whip out

Small Steps to Career Happiness (And Your Closet)

small steps to find career happiness | Career advice

I’m switching it up a little bit since it’s the summer, and I wanted to talk to you about career happiness (obviously – that’s what I’m always talking about!).

But….I wanted to do it via your closet. 🙂

So the other day I was grumbling at my closet. It was a mess, I was taking a “floor approach” to hanging things, and every time I looked at it I started to slump and lose my focus.


I felt the same way about my dry cleaning

#Trueconfession: I had some clothes tucked in back and I couldn’t remember when

How to Make Passion and Networking Less Painful

career progress

How are you doing with your career progress?

Are you feeling awesome and organized?

Or, are you – like me – sometimes a little frazzled and wondering why this year is going so fast?

I was thinking about careers when dealing with the grocery store the other day, and I had a helpful epiphany.

See – the grocery store is my nemesis.


I’m embarrassingly terrible at grocery shopping.


I forget stuff (even when I have a list), I get confused (where is the marshmellow fluff??) and mostly, I find it a drag. I’m not a foodie :).

The Four Best Podcasts For Your Career

The 4 best podcasts for your career

Sometimes you are stuck in a terrible commute, or out on a walk, or just getting a much needed break from your screen.

We’ve all been there!

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t access amazing and awesome career advice :).

So why not grab a podcast?

(Argggh- but which one?)

No worries, we’ve listened to them ALL, and here are the best and brightest podcasts out there – plus our personal review of each :).

So, in no particular order, here are the 4 best podcasts for your career!


Women Taking the Lead

This podcast, lead by

Will You Succeed In Business? Here’s How To Know!

How will you know that you'll succeed in business? Coaching advice and tips

Have you ever thought about quitting your job and starting a business…

…but then you immediately panic?

What if you fail?

What if you end up homeless?



It’s enough stress and worry to reduce you to using symbols instead of words, like this:  “#$%^^$$#!!!!”

I’m not going to pretend it’s simple or easy to start a business, and frankly, it’s not for everyone.

But for those of you who feel the call to strike out on your own, don’t fret!

There IS

The 4 Most Important Questions To Ask Before Your Quit Your Job And Start A Business

Want to quit your job and start a business? Here's how to know when you are ready!

Have you ever sat at your desk and daydreamed about quitting your job and starting a business?

Maybe it’s a vague thought, or maybe you have a really specific plan in mind.

But either way, you struggle with one big question: “Am I ready? How do I know WHEN to quit and start my own thing?”

If this sounds familiar you aren’t alone!

So many of us stay stuck, wondering how and when to pull the trigger, and it can feel paralyzing.

But be paralyzed no more!

Here is exactly how to know when you are ready to quit and

3 Big Networking Mistakes (That Lose You Money)

3 networking mistakes that lose you money (click to watch!)

Have you ever thought about networking and then thought “meh. NOPE.”

Or “maybe later?”

Or “ummm…..”


You aren’t alone!

But networking doesn’t have to be scary and that thing you avoid.

You already know why it’s so important (it gets you raises, better jobs, promotions, and even help finding your passion! Seriously!).

So why not make more money and enjoy your job more?

(Don’t cringe!)

The easy way to start is by avoiding these three mistakes (and doing the easy homework I give you, especially in Mistake #2).

Just click to watch – it’s short and painless! 🙂

To Make More Money, You Need To Know THIS Person

how to do a salary negotiation

Want to make more money?

Of course you do!

Even if you hate your current job with the fire of one thousand suns, there’s nothing wrong with being more well paid while you plan your next move.

And chances are, you deserve an increase anyway!

So here’s the good news: 75% of people who ask for a raise, get it according to



So it’s obviously time for you to ask.

(Not sure how? Read this blog over here ).

But I digress.

One of the big stumbling blocks of getting a raise is not in asking, but in knowing what

One Quick Way To Make More Money

how to get a raise

This month we are diving into some of the more technical career skills, like resumes, interviews, and of course MONEY.


I think we can all agree that making more money is never a bad thing, no matter where you are in your career.

So if you are hating your job, in a triage job, or just treading water for now – it’s okay to increase your pay check while you figure the rest out!

So let’s talk about how to make more money, shall we?

How to make more money: Part 1

Part one of making more money

One Key to Success That’s Ridiculously Easy

career success

Here’s a story that involves crest white strips and careers. I know! Stick with me :).

So, here I am doing some pre-wedding stuff like working out and using moisturizer.

As a part of that, I also decided to go the extra mile and get Crest Whitestrips.

So picture me, hanging out in my favorite easy chair, doing work like writing this blog, happily Crest Whitestripping away.

Three days in and I’m starting to have success!

Then, a friend of mine comes into town.

To prepare for her arrival, I of course clean my house.

Part of that house


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