One Key to Success That's Ridiculously Easy

One Key to Success That’s Ridiculously Easy

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Here’s a story that involves crest white strips and careers. I know! Stick with me :).

So, here I am doing some pre-wedding stuff like working out and using moisturizer.

As a part of that, I also decided to go the extra mile and get Crest Whitestrips.

So picture me, hanging out in my favorite easy chair, doing work like writing this blog, happily Crest Whitestripping away.

Three days in and I’m starting to have success!

Then, a friend of mine comes into town.

To prepare for her arrival, I of course clean my house.

Part of that house cleaning involves removing my moveable office (which is based near my easy chair – because honestly, I’ve decided the world is my office!), and packing away the random detritus that lurks wherever I tend to spend a lot of time.

The whitestrips are hidden away in the bathroom.

4 days later, and I realize in shock – WAIT – I haven’t whitestripped in 4 days!


I sit and think for a second: “How did that happen? But seriously, it was so important to me – how did it happen that I forgot?”

And then I realized – I cleaned my house.

I moved the whitestrips from where I could see them to where I couldn’t.

And therefore I completely forgot…and I totally failed.

Making career success easy

There’s interesting research on the science of habits, and what causes us to form good ones.

(You can google it, you are smart and have the powers!)

What’s interesting about it is that part of what results in good habits is finding your positive triggers.

Positive triggers are triggers that help you instill the habit.

For me, the positive trigger on the whitestrips was that they were literally in my line of site where I work, so when I had a 30 minute break I could just grab them and put them on.

I needed to see them to be reminded.

I have another positive trigger for my job that pops up every Monday morning – it’s a calendar reminder that says “Networking/Creation planning” which triggers me to think about who I need to reach out to in my network, and what interesting things I want to create, and inspires me to plan it out for that week.

One ridiculously easy way to have career success is to start identifying your positive triggers.

What helps you to take action, to focus, to learn?

Identify your positive triggers

Take a moment and think about where you’ve had success in your career and life in following through.

What triggers helped you take action?

Sometimes this exercise can be hard – so a reverse way of doing it is thinking about what negative triggers you have fallen prey to in the past.

So, for example, a friend of mine put on 10 lbs in a month last year.

He was flabbergasted when he stepped on the scale.

So he spent some time thinking about how it happened.

The result? There was a negative trigger. A co-worker of his started bringing in donuts every day and walking them around the office, pushing them on people.

He’d take one to be polite, and then eat it.

After eating it, he’d think “Well, I had a donut so I might as well have a soda” which would lead to a candy bar, a poor choice at lunch, and then….10 lbs.

And it all started with the donut.

He lost that weight in 5 weeks just by turning down the donut and being slightly more mindful of his food choices.

No other effort required.

So back to you: What are your positive or negative triggers?

What can you add to your life (and also take away) to make sure you maintain your career progress?

Here are some ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started for more positive triggers:

  1. Add a reminder to your calendar, to take a specific action each week – like scheduling a coffee with someone to build your network.
  2. Put in a gentle phone alarm to remind you to get up and walk around for 5 minutes once a day to de-stress and relax.
  3. Ask a friend or family member to help you take an action – like exercising together, or talking about two things you want to accomplish at work each week on Monday night at the start of the week, so you stay focused.
  4. Setting a timer on how much time you spend on social media, so you don’t end up wasting productive time during the day.
  5. Create an hour for “weekly career learning” where you read an interesting blog, book, or take a program to increase your learning.
  6. Put a note on your computer with a positive thought (or in your bathroom or wherever you need it), so when you get stressed you can just look and get immediate relief.

The list can be endless – so get to it! 🙂

Mostly I want you to remember that while career success can feel like this crazy and overwhelming thing – even tiny little changes can have huge results.

So take care of the small things, and the big things will start to fall into place!

Want more help with that?

Here’s a very simple kit that you can do in under 10 minutes a day to start to get unstuck at work and into a job you love.

(You’ve totally got this).

So grab it here!