Career Happy Hour

Does Your Career Need a Drink?

Are you thinking about changing jobs?

Are you getting ready for a career transition? (And worried about networking, the resume, the plan, and all of that other stuff that makes you tired?)

Or maybe you just have some questions about how to uplevel your career to a whole new place? (Like salary, how to talk to a boss, what to do when your team has problems?)

Then please join my Career Happy Hour Challenge! It’s a healthy remedy for career burnout. It’s a chance, about 9 times a year, for you to take your career to a new level through some amazing video training and a little action (because learning is great, but learning + action = a shiny new job :)).

Best of all… it’s free!

So sign up below to secure your place and get in on the challenge and the prizes (Note: Your email address is safe with us. We will defend it till our last cocktail).

YES! I want to make my career happy!

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