FREE Training: Networking Help For The Holidays

FREE Training: Networking Help For The Holidays

holiday networking


You’re standing there, glass of holiday beverage clutched in one hand.

The other hand has a plate of something cheese-related.

You keep your eyes down, desperately hoping to avoid more painful small talk, wondering when you can leave…

Have you ever had a holiday party experience like the above?

I think, no matter how much you love or hate holiday parties, there usually comes a time where you are ready to exit stage left…IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER.


But did you know that holiday parties are one of the best ways to improve your career on the planet?

No – I’m not kidding.

People are relaxed, cheerful, and most importantly: PRESENT.

They are paying attention, enjoying the mood, drinking wine.

It’s a perfect time to catch up with old colleagues, meet someone new, have interesting conversations (that you gently bring around to your career interests and dreams).

In short – they are networking bonanzas.

(Also note: People are more relaxed about work at this time in general, so it’s actually a brilliant season to do any networking, whether or not it’s at a party). 

So, this is why you need to be working every holiday gathering you have been invited to…and putting yourself out there with all kinds of new people.

But how?

Well – that’s more than I can answer in just one blog, so I’ve created a free training just for you! And because I know a huge chunk of this community is not on Pacific time like I am, I’ve made it so you can get access when you need it….for this week :).

I’m going to be teach you:
1. How to network as an introvert and shy person,
2. how to make any conversation NOT awkward (and get people to really like you – so much so that they will be willing to help you later), and…
3. What systems to put in place to make sure you are networking at the right time and place, so you don’t waste any of your precious time.

Watch the free training here.

Seriously, make time for this – this will be game-changing for you in terms of getting out there and networking in a way that FEELS GOOD (versus like a draining chore).

So what are you waiting for? The holiday parties aren’t going to network themselves!!

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