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Group Coaching

Get Naked: Find Your Passion and Break Free from Your Suit!

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  • Do you wake up feeling tired, drained, or exhausted by work? Are you frustrated by the fact that you know you should be doing something different, but you just can’t figure out what?
  • Or maybe you are feeling resigned to a work environment that just isn’t the right fit for you – but you don’t know how to get out of your rut and make a change for yourself.
  • Or perhaps you feel guilty for not loving what you do? Or you are afraid of leaving a job where you feel comfortable, and more importantly, have a secure salary?

Is this you?

If any of this rings true, then I would love to invite you to join my exclusive teleclass: Get Naked: Find Your Passion and Break Free from Your Suit! In this class you will figure out what is holding you back in terms of your career, map out your next steps, and develope a concrete plan to move you forward, so that you will begin to wake up excited and energized by your next career step!
In this six week teleclass we will focus on what is really important for your career:

Week 1 “Cleaning Out Your Closet”- November 5th, 7:30 pm EST

*Finally make friends with your fear so that you are no longer stopped by “what if?”  “how?” and “when?” and can keep on a solid plan to making the career change you have been fantasizing about.

*Introduce my top secret job attraction formula to help you find and land job opportunities as they arise so that you aren’t left behind wondering why others are getting the opportunities that you crave!


Week 2 “Your New Size”- November 12th, 7:30 pm EST

*Deep dive into a decision making tool that will help you figure out where to go next and WHY, so that you no longer agonize over your career decisions.

*Understand where you are in the process of career change, and why and how to keep moving forwards so you don’t get stuck.


Week 3 “The New You” – November 26th, 7:30 pm EST

*Create the blueprint of the best “career’ you, so that you show up as the person you want to be, using the best pieces of who you already are.

*Step into your blueprint, so that your career confidence goes through the roof.


Week 4 “Your New Suit”- December 3rd, 7:30 pm EST

*Understand what your ideal worklife looks like, so that you have a compelling vision for where your career will go next.

*Get naked and dig deep into what makes you most the most happy, so that your purpose in your career becomes clear.


Week 5 “Your New Wardrobe” – December 10th, 7:30 pm EST

*Connect with your passion, and start to see ways to monetize it.

*Begin to get concrete on exactly where you are going next, so that you no longer stay stuck and wondering “what if?”


Week 6 “Putting on the Outfit” – December 17th, 7:30 pm EST

*Develop your action plan for moving foward so that you have exact steps forward to make your career goals happen.

*Take a look at any and all of your fears that may impact your planning, so that your changes will happen for you.


Here is what you will get as a part of this program:

  1. Six weekly teleclasses chock full of great content to help catapult your career – these will be recorded, so you can have them even if you miss the class!
  2. Worksheets and deep dive homework to keep the momentum humming in-between classes, and give you concrete steps.
  3. Access to a secret Facebook group so that you have support throughout this process.
  4. And – an amazing bonus call with the Unstuck Revolution Expert and bestselling author Rémy Chaussé.  Because having a compelling vision and motivation is so important to our work, she’ll be teaching a class called: 3 Steps for creating a big, juicy vision to get past Go and out of Status Quo – How to Get UNstuck and create a life you love!

“Christie’s class has allowed me to break free from some of my demons and shine a light on my path forward! The content is challenging but insightful, and the community of women I’ve connected with is powerful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to take a step forward in their career.” – Gale Paige

“The group class was an amazing experience.  I was able to make a huge step forward in understanding what I want out of my career, and where to go! I like the teaching style and ability to call in from my home, and the homework really pushed me to think differently about myself.” – Laura W. Bell

Sign up now and you also get this amazing bonus:

* The first 10 2 people who sign up will get access to my new and completely top secret training, Overcome Your Fear of Networking: The Three Simple Steps to Networking Success. This is an audio and pdf download that takes all of my biggest hardwon career networking secrets and delivers them to your door…with hilarious graphics :).

   The course covers:

  • What to do when you walk in the door (and why some people fail miserably and hide in the corner)
  • How to open any conversation at a networking event (concrete tips that work – even without a glass of wine!)
  • Building your network FAST (the easy way to figure out and use your network – it’s already bigger than you think!).

Sign up now to get your bonus!! Only TWO SLOTS left! (worth $150!!)

  One Pay                 Two Pay

    $429     $250 x 2

Special VIP Upgrade:

Some of your may consider yourselves a true VIP, and want red carpet treatment wherever you go.  If you want private attention in addition to group support, and want me to dive deeply with you on YOUR personal journey, this is the option for you. Three personal and private 50 minutes sessions, plus all of the group material and training sessions.

Early Bird Rate!

   One Pay               Two Pay

       $1179      $675 x 2


If you like being trapped in your suit, then this class is definitely not for you.  BUT – if you really want to try and do SOMETHING different, then take a moment to sign up and make a change. This is your life, right? So – go and live it!


Class Dates: Class will start on Monday the 5th of November, at 7:30 pm EST/4:30 PST.  Class will run on Monday nights through December 17th, with a break on the week of Thanksgiving.

Recordings: Classes will be recorded, and posted in the secret facebook community for your easy access.

Refund Policy: If you take the course, attend all classes, complete all the homework, and still do not feel satisfied, The Revolutionary Club, LLC will happily refund all of your money!

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