Struggling? Here's How to Make Magic Happen In Your Career

Struggling? Here’s How to Make Magic Happen In Your Career

struggling in your career? Here's how to make some magical progress

Have you ever felt 100% lost in your career?

Or just like you really REALLY need help?

I have *totally* been there.

And it’s absolutely no fun.

So how do you get out of that rut and into some long overdue clarity on your next career step (or just if you are going to even update your resume or not?).

Here’s how to make progress: Step 1 – Get some help

Not to be all “You need some help” but you NEED some help!

The first rule of career fight club is admitting that you can’t go it alone.

And more than that – you shouldn’t have to!

Hey, if you could have figured this whole passion or career thing out on your own you’d have done it by now, right?

It’s okay to need a boost, a listening ear, some expert information, or even just a connection.

We are a social species we humans, and you aren’t alone in needing all of that.

All 6 billion other people on this planet need it too!

So yay you!


Okay, now let’s discuss some of your options for getting awesome career help, okay?


Option 1 – Lean on your friends

You seem like a reasonable human with some friends out there.

So, it’s time to lean on them.

Grab 2-4 people and ask them out for a coffee or a cocktail – whichever you prefer.

Once you’ve settled them in, say something like this: “Friends, you are some of the smartest people I know, and I need to borrow that wisdom right now. I’m struggling with X in my career [finding my passion, searching for a job, not getting promoted], and I wanted to figure out how to make more progress because what I’m doing right now isn’t working.

Are you willing to help?


All I need is for you to spend a few minutes brainstorming ideas around X. No idea is a bad idea – so feel free to suggest anything- all I ask is we focus on the positive of any idea.”

And then…go!

Some of the ideas will be terrible, some will be random, but the whole process of having a positive brainstorming conversation with people who know you reasonably well can lead to big dividends. Someone might have an idea, which leads to another idea, which leads to something *actually* useful.

Keep focusing on the positive and having fun with some of the ideas. It’s amazing what your brain can do when you stop saying “no” and start saying “yes!”


Option 2 – Lean on the internet

I love me the internet!

It’s got so much interesting information!

So, if you want to make quick career progress why not lean on the most powerful search tool out there?

But before you start typing in random stuff, I want you to think about what it is that you really REALLY want to know. Put 30 minutes in your calendar to dig into this work.

Done that? Good.

Next up – get a clear question in your mind, like: “I want to find my passion” or “Steps to find your passion” or “How to update my resume quickly” and then type it into the search bar.

Obviously the google will give you a bunch of different options.

Pick a few, read them, and see which ones seem to be credible AND helpful.

Now, for most people a few blog posts isn’t enough – it’s a start, but they aren’t usually life changing.

So, for the blogs or websites that you like, poke around and see if they have any free mini-courses, guides, or a book or program that you can sign up for.

See one?

Sign up. Seriously. Sign up and get ready to learn.

I know! Too obviously easy, right?

Here’s the hard part: Put time on your calendar to do the work.

This is where most people fail.

They sign up for something and then figure that since they signed up for it the work is done! (Much like I used to sign up for the gym and then immediately take a nap).

There’s something about “signing up” that feels like “things are done” and that’s just not the case.

So, put time into doing the work and really commit to it (both the time and the work!).


Option 3 – Hire an expert

We don’t talk about this enough, but careers are especially challenging – and sometimes it’s hard to get help from your nearest and dearest.

The reason? Everyone in your life has an agenda.

Your boss might be helpful and supportive, but they want what is best for the company and what is best for them (not necessarily in that order), and your needs come in a distant third.

Your family might have their own interests at heart – they want you to work less, or make more money (or something else) so they aren’t necessarily objective.

And your friends want what THEY think is right for you (again, not what you’d necessarily pick).

So, even though it’s not that mainstream yet – it might be time to hire or invest in a coach.

Having a trained objective expert can be priceless in some situations (and more than pay off in a better salary or promotion!).

But how do you find such a person and when should you hire them? (Here’s one big option for a coach right here!).

First off, make sure you are working with someone who is a trained, certified professional in their claimed area of expertise. (For career/life coaches, make sure they are accredited coach through the International Coaching Federation).

Next up, check out their website. Do they have reasonable content on there, like blogs, articles, or case studies?

Do you feel like you can get to know them a little bit by browsing their website?

Do they have a free guide or something you can try out first?

Do they have a lot of information on their approach or style?

Do you like them?

If so, you should get a chance to chat with them first before money changes hands (we are talking about 1-on-1 coaching here).

If that conversation makes you feel the warm fuzzies, then investing in a coach could be the absolute right thing you need in order to make the most progress, the most quickly.

There’s a reason why athletes have coaches :).

You are the same! You are just a career athlete, which is even better. You can play the game your whole life and you should enjoy it!.


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