How To Get Motivated In Your Career (In 10 minutes)

How To Get Motivated In Your Career (In 10 minutes)

play helps your career

So, there I was, dancing around my apartment to…what else? Bon JOVI!

(And, okay – *also* Taylor Swift).

Judge me if you want.

It had been a hard day, I was tired, and most of all –  I was feeling STUCK.

I couldn’t quite see my way around a problem and it was driving me nuts.

So, I decided to play.  And you know what? I felt better. Immediately.

Play, (in case you’ve forgotten because you are an adult :)), is defined as something pleasurable that you do without a purpose.

So all of those things you do “for fun” that require “hitting your goals” is not *cough* play.

I’m talking to YOU marathon runners!

More play? Yes please!

Why am I rambling on at length about play of all things?

Well, play is getting more attention of late, as people realize its importance.  I’m not going to quote all the science at you because you’ve got the ability to google, but the science IS interesting. So, instead, let me sum up: Engaging in play as an adult encourages productivity, creativity, and helps build relationships.


You know what helps get you unstuck in your career? Yep, you’ve got it.  A great network, thinking creatively about your options, and being productive.



So basically: Play helps your career.

I know!!

You never knew your career needed a swing-set, right?

Give yourself some room to play THIS WEEK.


It’s time to add play to the list of “must-do’s” in your life. It’s not a luxury only for kids, it’s actually a necessity for adults.

But seriously, how do you play again?

Sometimes you forget how to play *gasp* – don’t worry, I’m here to help!


So let me remind you of all sorts of things that you can do (that are fun, without a goal).

1. Read some fun fiction – go to if you need ideas.

2. Play with your dog. Dogs KNOW HOW TO PLAY.  Throw a stick, run around. Roll around :).

3. Play with your kids.

4. Buy something for kids and play with that. Play dough, coloring books, legos if you like to build things.

5. Have some friends over for cards or board games.  Talk, laugh, play.

6. Take a walk, and then when no one is looking skip, run, spin around for a few minutes. You’ll look like a crazy person, but you might really enjoy it!

7. Go to a playground. Find a slide or a swing set. Enjoy.

8. Decorate cookies or cupcakes. Eat a few too many.

9. Put on some music and dance around.

10. Sneak out of the office for 5 minutes with a co-worker and grab some ice cream and a walk.

Do something fun. Big, small, it can take 5 minutes or 5 hours.

It doesn’t matter. But you know what does? Your career – so give yourself permission.

Go out and play.


Need some more help?

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