The Unexpected Problem With Passion

The Unexpected Problem With Passion

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You sit at your desk, unhappy and tired.


You keep thinking to yourself: “I need to find something different. I need to find my passion.”


But then your brain skitters to a halt because you have NO IDEA where to begin.


It feels so overwhelming. So, you stop thinking about it.


And you are back to where you started…unhappy, tired, and totally stuck.


Any of this sound familiar?


I used to be in your shoes.


When I was trapped in my fancy-pants consulting job (I know, tiniest violin!), I keep wanting to find my passion.


I used that term *all the time.*


But I couldn’t get my mind around it. It was so big it was almost terrifying.


So, I would get overwhelmed, panic, do nothing, and months would pass.


And that’s the unexpected problem with passion: For most of us the idea of “finding our passion” is the same as finding the holy grail, i.e, something that is insanely big that only happens in Harrison Ford movies.


Passion seems too big.


Too out of reach.


Too hard to find!


And so we quit before we even try.




However, don’t give up hope, because there is help!


Think for a minute about passion – what is it really?


Go on, I’ll wait :).


If you break down the components of passion, at its core it is really just interest + engagement.


Think on it – when you are really passionate about something, you are both interested in it (you think about it, maybe read out it), and engaged in it. You actively participate in it.


So, for example: I have a passion around chocolate. I think about it an embarrassing amount.


But I’m also engaged in it – I cook it, I eat it, I go on chocolate food tours, I sometimes fly through the Brussels airport to do a chocolate raid when I travel to Europe.


I am weird :).


But I’m also passionate about chocolate so weird stuff happens!


The same is true for me with career coaching. I’m a professional career coach – and not only do I spend a ton of time thinking about both careers and coaching, I read up on everything career-related, I speak professionally, I write (hello, this article!), and I obviously coach people around the world.


I am passionate about career coaching.


So now it’s your turn: What are you both interested and engaged in right now? What are you not only thinking about, but you are also doing?


Start there.


Some of the things you are passionate about are probably going to be hobbies, like chocolate is for me.


And some of them will be new career options!


So take a moment and think back on the last week, then last month, then finally the last twelve months – outside of your current job, where did you spend your time, and why did you enjoy it?


Now you are onto something!


Feels less overwhelming now, right? Just keep thinking, observing, and engaging, and answers will start to come.
Your passion is out there, you just have to start and you will find it.


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