The 4 Most Important Questions To Ask Before Your Quit Your Job And Start A Business

The 4 Most Important Questions To Ask Before Your Quit Your Job And Start A Business

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Have you ever sat at your desk and daydreamed about quitting your job and starting a business?

Maybe it’s a vague thought, or maybe you have a really specific plan in mind.

But either way, you struggle with one big question: “Am I ready? How do I know WHEN to quit and start my own thing?”

If this sounds familiar you aren’t alone!

So many of us stay stuck, wondering how and when to pull the trigger, and it can feel paralyzing.

But be paralyzed no more!

Here is exactly how to know when you are ready to quit and live that dream, broken out in 4 simple questions. All you have to do is watch and answer them!

(Also, you’ll see me in a hilarious tiara).

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