Small Steps to Career Happiness (And Your Closet)

Small Steps to Career Happiness (And Your Closet)

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I’m switching it up a little bit since it’s the summer, and I wanted to talk to you about career happiness (obviously – that’s what I’m always talking about!).

But….I wanted to do it via your closet. 🙂

So the other day I was grumbling at my closet. It was a mess, I was taking a “floor approach” to hanging things, and every time I looked at it I started to slump and lose my focus.

I felt the same way about my dry cleaning

#Trueconfession: I had some clothes tucked in back and I couldn’t remember when I last dry cleaned them but I felt it was several houses ago so…I deserve your judgement.

Anyway, the messy closet, the dirty clothes, and the general build up of small tasks kept weighing on me.

It was like a tiny hole had sprung in my body and mind, and I was leaking energy. Every single time I looked at my closet, more drained away.

As you can imagine, it made it hard for me to get going in a focused and thoughtful way in the mornings, which of course impacted my ability to work.

Was it a huge impact? No.

But I felt it.

And while I was feeling that, I wasn’t doing other, more important things.

So, I made a list.

I organized my closet. I donated things to GoodWill, and took a hefty trip to my local dry cleaners.

And now I feel a shot of energy in the morning when I get up and get dressed.

And that energy helps carry me through my day.

It’s a small shot of career happiness, but I feel it. I’ve got more time and energy to devote to the big things.

So, instead of giving you advice on big pieces of career happiness (that’s coming soon, don’t fret!), I wanted to take a second and focus on the small things. The little things that build up when we aren’t paying attention, but they drain us all the same.

What little tasks or objects have built up space in your life and are distracting you from your career?

What small household chores have you put off doing, so that they are weighing on you and taking your attention and energy away from the bigger stuff?

What small things can you knock off your to-do list THIS WEEK to make space for more career magic?

Make a list.

Check ’em off.

Feel better instantly.