The Four Best Podcasts For Your Career

The Four Best Podcasts For Your Career

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The 4 best podcasts for your career

Sometimes you are stuck in a terrible commute, or out on a walk, or just getting a much needed break from your screen.

We’ve all been there!

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t access amazing and awesome career advice :).

So why not grab a podcast?

(Argggh- but which one?)

No worries, we’ve listened to them ALL, and here are the best and brightest podcasts out there – plus our personal review of each :).

So, in no particular order, here are the 4 best podcasts for your career!


Women Taking the Lead

This podcast, lead by crack interviewer and coach Jodi Flynn, is aimed at inspiring women everywhere to get past their fear and self-doubt and do amazing things at work. Named as “Exceptional” by Entrepreneur Magazine, it is indeed awesome.

This podcast made the list because Jodi is down-to-earth, fabulous, and amazing. And her guests aren’t bad either! 🙂

Listen to it here.


Entrepreneur on Fire

Lead by John Lee Dumas, a phenom who became a podcasting darling, Entrepreneur on Fire made this list for three reasons:

  1. It’s posted seven days a week, so you never want for content
  2. John’s interviewing style is both entertaining and fast-paced, so you are never bored listening to him
  3. It’s interesting to see the vast depth and breadth of people doing amazing things in business. This is for anyone who has dreamed of starting their own business but…needs motivation and a kick-in-the-pants.

Listen to it here.


Marie Forleo

Marie is all about helping you find the business AND the life you love. She’s been on Oprah, met Richard Branson, and build up her coaching site to be something out of this world.

She’s moved beyond just business, and her podcasts (and online TV show MarieTV), address a wealth of interesting interviews in a punchy, productive way.

She made the list because she walks her talk and covers issues that are relevant to almost everyone at work, so it’s worth a listen!

Listen to it here.


LEADx with Kevin Kruse

This podcast is 100% about careers and leadership, which makes it hella relevant to this particular community :). LEADx is a newer podcast, and we are including it because it Kevin asks his guests one of the best questions ever, which is: “What can you do to be 1% better every day?”

It’s definitely worth a listen if you need some career motivation, and if you are curious as to how I answered this question, then just…

Listen to it here!


Need some magical help to find work you love?

No problem! Grab our FREE fancy-pants guide on the 6 Simple Steps to Find Work You Love right over here. Click.

It definitely beats hating your job and wanting to stab your eyes out. So why not grab it?









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