10 Unusual Gifts For Your Career (You Need #1 Immediately)

10 Unusual Gifts For Your Career (You Need #1 Immediately)

Gifts for your career

Tis the season!

I know you have a ton of gifts to buy, errands to run, and cookies to eat (is that last one just me?).

But what if – instead of spending alllll of your money on gifts for other people – you gave your career a little gift as well?

Because after all, isn’t your career the thing that provides a lot of your confidence, self-worth, energy (or energy-drain) – so it’s worth spending a little time or money on?


But don’t fret! I have ideas to help you no matter WHERE you are right now :).

This year I’ve handily grouped things by price, so no matter what your budget we’ve got you covered!


Free Career Gifts:

1. Free gift #1 is to read this blog on Guilt. Seriously – I know you have a ton of guilt in your life right now because you are a human being, so before you do anything, read this.

2. Invite a friend over for tea or coffee, or something mulled with spices, pull out a notebook, and challenge each other to dream big and set new career goals for yourselves. Start with this question: “If you could do anything for work and money was no object, what would you do?” Keep the conversation going by saying things like: “Okay, tell me more about that?” and “If you could make that bigger, what would bigger look like?” Dreaming  big encourages creative thinking. Write down what you are uncovering and start planning your 2017.

3. Take a day off of work. SCHEDULE NOTHING. Pull out that book you’ve been meaning to read forever, or go to the library and grab something amazing, and sit down with a warm beverage, a blanket, and your book.  Give yourself the gift of a break – and while on that break, read something helpful or useful for your career.  Books I love that are often in the library are Fierce Conversations, The Magic of Thinking Big, and Think and Grow Rich.

4. Watch this free training on Networking – which was so popular I’m keeping it around for the rest of this week. It’s especially designed for introverts and shy people – so go to town! Your network is the BEST career safety net that you can create, and the best time to start is NOW.  Click here to join the free training. (Don’t miss out – it won’t be around for long).


Inexpensive Gifts:

5. Here’s a new book that was published recently by an expert I love. It’s $7.95:
Accomplished: How to go from Dreaming to Doing takes you through a simple, step by step system that gives you the foundation and structure to accomplish what you had only wished for or struggled with up until now. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N3LH7S0

6. I love me a pretty desk – so this may be more for the ladies in this community, but why not sign yourself up for a monthly delivery of inexpensive flowers for your desk? Here’s my current fav that always makes my day sparkle when they arrive: www.thebouqs.com

7. Obviously if you want to find your passion then I recommend signing up for Zero to Passion, which is my entire coaching system written down for you so you have it directly in front of your eyeballs whenever you need it.  Folks have used it to completely change careers and start businesses, and it’s only $35: www.zerotopassion.com

8. Take a colleague out for a $5 fancy-pants seasonal coffee or splurge and go for $12 cocktails.  This is a wonderful time to connect with people because people are feeling relaxed, the holidays are calling, and parties are the norm so it’s okay to duck out early. Spending 30 minutes with someone chatting about nothing while you strengthen your connection can be one of the best things you do for your network this year (after watching the free networking training, of course!). Just say something like: “Hey, you inspired me this year and I’d love to buy you a drink in return, want to go grab a coffee? It’s my treat!”

9. Spend $1 and try out this cool community on living the Ultimate Life – with a focus on becoming a ninja-marketer and travel-hacker. www.ultimatevida.com


*Slightly* Pricier Gifts

10. Did you hear? The Networking Masterclass has a $100 scholarship available right now!!! I’m extending the scholarship for the rest of the week to anyone who is desperate to learn how to build your network – so you can get the program for only $197 (instead of $297). Now is your chance! (And it of course come with a full 30 day guarantee so hop on!). Grab the Networking Masterclass here.

Finally, did you know we have a whole suite of services to help you in your career? My team and I will be taking some time off during the holidays, but our tools are always there for you! Learn more here.