Your Desk Mess, Career Pain, and How I Lost My Mind

Your Desk Mess, Career Pain, and How I Lost My Mind

how to get past pain in your careerCareer pain is the worst.

Feeling lost, tired, restless, bored, completely unmotivated, or just OVER IT.

I get it.  That’s what this community is about! 🙂

But it was brought home to me behind-the-scenes much more recently.

What most of you in this community don’t know is that I bought a house late last year in the Bay Area (yes, I won the hunger games!).

After spending time traveling in December, I arrived home, packed up my condo to get it ready to sell, and moved in to the new house in the three days before the new year.

We had done some renovations done before we moved in, but had planned a second round for the spring once things settled down a bit.

So, given that – we didn’t fully unpack because we knew entire rooms of our house would be under siege.

The renovations started in March and were expected to take 3-4 weeks.

We *just* finished…over 3 months later.

And this last month I almost lost my mind.
(more on that in a second).


Here’s the thing about career pain

It’s really hard to deal with a distasteful job, or a career transition, or something big in your life when your home and your space is a mess.

It drags at you – looking at clutter (digital or physical) or living in a way that does not make you comfortable.

It takes up mental space. Princeton University found that clutter increases your stress and decreases your mental ability.  UCLA published a study that shows that clutter overloads your senses and impairs your ability to think creatively.

No surprise that if you feel overload, stressed, and completely not-creative that you struggle to find your passion, for example :).

While we all have different tolerance and definitions of what “clutter” means to us – we each *probably* have some work to do to get our space in order.

I definitely did (and still do).


My lessons

Even though I’ve moved a few times since starting the Revolutionary Club, I’ve always had control over my space – to make it what I want it to be.

This was the first time I’ve lost some of that control, and had to live in chaos.

Note to self: I don’t like chaos.

It’s been a good (annoyingly hard) lesson to learn – because I’ve been a restless demon behind the scenes here at RevClub HQ.  For awhile I couldn’t put my finger on why – things were going fine, my team was doing well, why was I such a complete basket case?

Then I took a look around and realized – ugh, WHAT AM I LIVING WITH?  We had moved all of our extra stuff into our bedroom and my office, and honestly – we looked like hoarders.  Ugh.  I should have fixed our space a long time ago, but the contractors kept promising to be done THIS Friday…and I believed them for TWO MONTHS (I know. I know!!).

Apparently I am a slow learner – but now I’m a woman ON A MISSION.

I’ve finally fully set up my main office space.

I’ve got our living room in order.

I’ve got so much stuff being delivered to finish out our house that amazon is tired of me.

I’ve been throwing out stuff we don’t need left and right (I’m also kind of a minimalist in some things, apparently).

Mostly – I feel better.

I’m ready to tackle the next big project (instead of wandering around outside poking at my roses dispiritedly … wondering why I feel so unfocused).


Here’s my challenge to you

What are you tolerating in your life in terms of clutter?

What small step (tidying your desk? Your homescreen? Your inbox? Your closet?) would go a long way to lifting some stress in your life…allowing you to focus more energy on solving some of your career pain?

Pick ONE thing – and tackle it…TODAY.

Set a timer for 25 minutes, and see how far you get.

You can do this.


Here’s to ending some (odd) career pain!

Need more help to find your passion? Here’s a super helpful and FREE workbook. Passion never felt so fun…CLICK.

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